Terms and Conditions

  1. Subscription can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to each scheduled delivery. Once within 48 hours all sales are non-refundable.  Partial refunds will be processed provided 48 hours notice has been given.  If you are going on holiday or need special accommodations, please contact Talula Eats.  We will make all possible efforts to accommodate you.
  2. All allergies and sensitivities that we were informed of will be noted and accommodated. It is up to the doggy owner/person placing and paying for the order to correctly notify Talula Eats of all allergies and sensitivities.
  3. Talula Eats makes fresh food rotating fresh ingredients for maximum nutritional benefit. Ingredients change based on variety and seasonal availability.
  4. A full ingredient list is included with the delivery note. The owner is responsible for reading the ingredients and monitoring new allergies that may arise, then notifying Talula Eats via email or phone call.
  5. We recommend like any food that the doggy owner gradually mixes the new food into the doggy’s diet.
  6. Food is fresh and therefore must be stored in the refrigerator for less than 5 days or frozen until it is consumed. Do not freeze food for more than one month after you have received it.
  7. Before submitting your order, please ensure that your full name, address, contact details and delivery requirements are correct, as we cannot be responsible for errors which may result in the late delivery of your product. Deliveries can only be made during the slot time you have selected.
  8. Talula Eats is not a Vet so for all abnormalities we encourage you to contact your vet.
  9. All prices include VAT.
  10. In instances where a dog has a medical condition diagnosed by a vet, the owner should check with their vet before feeding Talula eats Food.