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Talula Trixie Bell
President & Head of Quality Control

With years and years of experience in the hospitality sector, Talula sets a high standard for her London-based team. Having been cooked for by Talula Eats' head nutritionist ever since she was rescued at the young age of 2, our Boston Terrier dame knows what's good. We have noticed that her sass is not related to her age, she's always been the stubborn little queen we know and love. If you want to say hi, you'll find her at our Fitzrovia site Tuesdays to Thursdays during the day. On Fridays and Saturdays, she hangs out at our collaborating restaurant Catalina's, lying in the sun, greeting guests, and ensuring everyone eats their food.

Founder & Head of Nutrition

In 2006, Rupal adopted her first dog, Mojito, an opinionated Italian Greyhound. The foodie that he was, Mojito was unimpressed with the commercial “dog food” presented to him. For a week, he’d pick it up out of the food bowl, bring it over to Rupal, drop it on the floor in front of her, and glare at her with big eyes: “Seriously, mum? This isn’t food.”. Rupal decided then and there to use her years of experience in nutrition to design a better life for Mojito - this mission remains at the forefront of what we do now. When 2-year old rescue Talula Trixie Bell joined the family in 2011 (this is a whole different story..), Rupal had spent years and years researching, testing, and cooking for her own but also her neighbouring dogs. Upon their move to London, Talula and Rupal saw that even dog owners who wanted to make the best choice for their pooches had no options for unprocessed, chemical free food. That needed to change and Talula Eats was born!

Founder & Head of Numbers

With years of experience in finance, and even more experience in loving dogs, David keeps all of the numbers in check, so our bills are paid and doggies can be fed; after all, we know Talula can’t be trusted with the company credit card! When not creating magic in the spreadsheets department, David can be found winding up Talula, Noah, or Fluff, feeding them paperwork he doesn’t want to think about (Oh no, my dogs ate my homework!) and entertaining the rest of the Talula Eats team with his American charm. He also makes a mean brisket and the best Bloody Marys.

Chef & Baker

Tyler grew up in Texas before moving to “sunny” London. Like all of the team, Tyler loves dogs, and back in America, he grew up with Pitbulls: kind hearts with big heads! As Head Baker, Tyler has incredible attention to detail when working with our delicate ingredients, such as cricket powder, and making sure no sugar, butter, or wheat flour slips into any of our recipes. Tyler’s attention to detail also aids him when sharing his family recipes with the hoomans in the office, which has led to his Tamales being legendary among the Talula Eats team. Despite his quiet demeanour, watch out for his sharp comebacks...

Chef & Creative Assistant

Ever wonder who creates the pooch-tastic treats for us? Georgia experiments with our existing recipes to create our seasonally-themed treats, testing new creative designs and flavours. She makes sure your pooch is always up to date on the latest reason to party, with cherry pies, pots of gold, and doggie “chocolate” eggs to name just a few examples of Georgia’s craftsmanship. Alongside the other taste testers, Georgia is a dog aunt to Zeus - an XL Bully crossed with a dinosaur - who gets spoilt with all of Georgia’s newest creations.

Marketing Manager & Sarcasm Provider

Guy has 15 years of experience of playing with dogs, feeding treats and throwing tennis balls around fields. Growing up with a Jack Russell Parsons mix, and a Jack Russell mix Dachshund with dwarfism, Guy is an expert in small dogs, and has recently graduated to looking after an Australian Shepherd part-time. Guy is also experienced in scrolling on Instagram and writing misspelt emails, making him perfect for a marketing position. When Guy is not furiously working in Photoshop, he is either keeping the kitchen on their toes by asking them to make the impossible possible or entertaining the boss (Talula) by encouraging everyone to do a little dance for her.

Head of Drama & Neediness

Every office has that one employee who creates all the drama: here at Talula Eats, we didn’t particularly hire Noah, rather one day, he showed up, ate a bowl of our food, and never left us alone again! If he isn’t running around trying to get you to feed him, he’s crying because he didn’t get enough attention, thinks you’re going somewhere fun without him, or you gave Talula a treat thinking he wouldn’t notice. Noah doesn’t quite understand personal space, but in the best way - meaning unlimited snuggles! He also grew up with two cat siblings, so we aren’t quite sure he got the memo that he is in fact, a dog.

Octavia Julius Fluffington
Queen of Chaos

Is it a fox? Is it a dog? It’s a Fluff! Octavia Julius Fluffington (or Fluff as her friends may call her) is the queen of starting a situation at Talula Eats; she is under strict puppy training by the one and only Talula Trixie Bell. Fluff is lucky she’s cute, cause her grades for both performance and participation are… also in training. She expects the princess treatment of at least 100 head scratches and belly rubs, a tall glass of chilled mineral water, and three poochie protein bars, otherwise… well you don’t want to find out… Aside from loving the attention she gets from being cute, Fluff loves fish and annoying our president Talula. And running in circles around the flat.

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