How Does A Subscription Work?

You pick whatever frequency you would like your food to be delivered. The meal are complete with all the nutrition your dog needs if it is served as a full days food every day. The food is very versatile and can be fed on the weekends as a special similar to how you would dine or even just once in a while which is just a few times a week. you pick what work for you, your dog, your needs and your budget.

Do You Deliver To Me?

We are currently delivering to a small local area but will be expanding. Please enter your postcode and see if your postcode is listed. You are always welcome to pick up at our shop or if your workplace is in one of our delivery areas we can deliver to you at work.

What Ingredients Do You Use?

All natural fresh ingredients sourced locally. We balance the nutritional value of the food using fresh natural ingredients. There are no additives. We top up the protein with cricket powder and keep our product as sustainable as possible. If we have to remove an ingredient due to an allergy then we substitute the nutrition value of what we removed. For example: If a dog was allergic to chicken we would leave out the chicken and add turkey to that dog's food. If you wish for us to use more cricket powder in exchange for meat to increase the sustainable value of the food please email us.

Can I Recycle My Talula Eats Packaging?

The packaging is made out of sugar cane pulp and is compostable. It can go in the refrigerator, freezer and microwave. The paper bag can be recycled.

What Is The Free Treat?

We make fresh homemade treats for our dogs that they receive on delivery day. The dogs will get one treat per delivery. These are normally a doggie pizza slice, doggie bagel and cream cheese, pupcake, doggie doughnut, a doggie muffin, cookie and much more.

Can I purchase extra treats & cakes?

Yes, all our current customers can order extra treats in the add-on section. Our customers can also order cakes with at least a 7 days advance notice. Please contact us to check for availability.

How do I store the food as it is fresh?

You will receive full storing instructions with your delivery. You will be instructed to freeze part of your delivery when delivered.

Can I Cancel Or Pause My Subscription?

You can pause or cancel you subscription anytime you like. You can also contact us anytime you want. We encourage communication with our dog owners. If you need to make a temporary change to a subscription due to a holiday etc. please let us know. We can increase the quantity or decrease it depending on what you need. All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

What Are The Health Benefits?

As with all living things canines need a balanced diet, which includes the eight building blocks of good nutrition; protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water - in the right proportions! Talula Eats meals provide all the needed nutrients and also make sure it tastes fresh and good. The food is slow cooked for maximum nutrition.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like It?

This is not a problem we have ever had but if this is the case we would encourage you to introduce it again in small batches to see if its the food or just the change of food. If your dog still does not like it then you could cancel.

How Do I Change My Dog’s Diet To Talula Eats?

As the food is fresh the change is normally easy. We recommend that you change it over three days with a little extra each day. This normally work best.

Once I have subscribed, when will my delivery start?

The delivery will start on the selected day the following week. All orders made by Saturday 5:00pm will be delivered the following Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.